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Dev Guide Videos

Hi all, The developers have started a new series of videos to help demonstrate some of the features of LEGO Worlds. Thefirst video covers Copying and Exporting models in game. Check it out at:


How to Create Water & Lava


Creating Water To create water, you must first select the “Add Terrain” tool from the tools menu. From there, go to the colors menu and scroll down to the bottom of the list. You...


Some cool seeds


xxxx-xxxx-xxxx is not the same as xxxx – xxxx – xxxx mind your spacing, the seeds are also not case sensitive. TEST – Volcanoes COOL – Desert & haunted forest LEGO – Autumn forest...


Using Lego Digital Designer with Lego Worlds

455735233_preview_LDD Screenshot2 (1)

Download & Install The first thing you have to do is download and install Lego Digital Designer. You can download it for free from: downloading, run the setup file and follow the steps....