Hi all!

It’s building time again!

We were so impressed with the entries of the previous building competition, that we thought we should challenge you all to another! This time though, we’re setting a theme for our Master Builders to stick to.

We want to see “Natural Formations”. This could be anything from something you would expect to find in your underground cave network, or possibly a hollow spooky tree with a face on it. It could even be a rock formation.

The rules for size remain the same as last time, but for a refresher here’s how this works;

The builds themselves need to be no larger than 96 Studs Wide x 96 Studs Long x 256 Tiles High. This is the largest size the Export tool allows in DX11. Please note that the DX9 has a maximum size of 48x48x128. As we’ve said before though, size isn’t everything, especially if you’re trying to squeeze into a cave or chasm!

To Enter:

Head on down to creative corner, and begin a thread with the title ‘Natural Formation Competition – MODEL NAME HERE’. Provide us with a collection of screenshots of your model in-game and we’ll take a look!

Creative Corner can be found here: http://steamcommunity.com/app/332310/discussions/5/

Competition Rules

• The competition will run from Friday 24th July until Monday 10th August.
• Builds must be unique creations not related to any franchises or IP’s.
• All builds must be of a “Natural Formation”. No houses or building structures.
• The builds must be no larger than 96x96x256 studs
• All TT Games Judge decisions are final
• Winners will be contacted by one of the Dev team from the meet the team post to arrange model transferring. Please do not share any personal information with anyone. The Dev team will not ask you for any personal information.
• Models may be slightly edited upon review by TT Games if chosen for inclusion in the game.
• No WB, TT Games or LEGO employees or family members may enter the competition.

Good luck and get building!
The LEGO Worlds Team